Global Experience

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)

  • Supplying since 1985
  • 1000’s of contracts supplying spare parts to War Fighter and FMS customers
  • Awarded and maintained numerous Indefinite Delivery Purchase Order (IPOD) contracts and Indefinite Quantity Contracts (IQC)


Naval Sea Logistics Center (NASEALOGCEN) Mechanicsburg

  • Provided support to NAVSEALOG on several projects supporting Navy equipment
  • Isotta Franschini spare parts breakout and second sourcing
  • MCM / MHC Aft Deck sustainment and sourcing
  • Isotta Franschini Crankshaft repair and improvement
  • Waukesha Cylinder Block repair and sustainment
  • Various parts supply and sourcing referrals


Naval Supply System Weapon System Support (NAVSEASUPWSS)

  • Has provided a variety spare parts and repair support for equipment
  • Including, Diesel Engines, Hydraulic Motors, Air Starters, Oil Coolers, Water Pumps, Turbo Chargers, Engine Installation Kits, etc.


U.S. Coast Guard Surface Forces Logistics Center (USCGSFLC) Baltimore

  • Provides support for the 110-foot Patrol Boat(WPB) – (A-B-C) Island Class Cutter
  • Spare parts for the Main and Generator Engines, Paxman Valenta and Caterpiller
  • ZF Reduction Gear
  • VT Marine (Naiad Dynamics UK Ltd) Steering Gear and Fin Stabilizer

Proudly Servicing Our Military

Viking Inc. has over 30 years experience providing equipment repair, spare parts, logistic and engineering support to the Department of Defense, US Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Army.

Over the years Viking has provided support for material and equipment to US and Foreign Naval assets operating through-out the world, including Middle East, Europe, Far East, Asia, Central and South America.