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Viking Inc. of the United States, CanWest Aerospace Inc. of Canada, and ZF Luftfahrttechnik GmbH of Germany, are thrilled to announce the award of a five-year BOA contract received Sept. 9.


The team was formed to provide full MRO support, airframe refurbishment, and component overhaul for the Egyptian Air Force’s (EAF) Westland Commando Mk. 1, Mk. 2, Mk. 2E and Mk. 47.

“We were at the right place at the right time.  We recognized a need and responded,” said Barry Wilson, president of Viking Inc., when asked how this deal came through.  “We are very excited to team up with such a dynamic and experienced MRO shop as CanWest Aerospace and an esteemed company like ZF Luftfahrttechnik GmbH. We look forward to support the Egyptian Air Force’s Westland Commando and Sikorsky Sea King fleet.”


“These old birds have many more years of useful service life and with the support of such dynamic companies as CanWest and ZF Luftfahrttechnik GmbH we can achieve this.”


"Our commitment is to provide the EAF with the best technology currently available from around the world. This will provide these aircraft with systems and airframe upgrades not only allowing the EAF to capitalize on the proven reliability of these aircraft but also with the addition of the technological advancements installed in new aircraft. Doing so will provide these aircraft with system and airframe upgrades preventing obsolescence of components and systems to give the aircraft mission readiness and technological advancements as new AC pose today.” 


Proudly Servicing Our Military

Viking Inc. has over 30 years experience providing equipment repair, spare parts, logistic and engineering support to the Department of Defense, US Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Army.

Over the years Viking has provided support for material and equipment to US and Foreign Naval assets operating through-out the world, including Middle East, Europe, Far East, Asia, Central and South America.