• Equipment Repair

    Marine Equipment Repair

    Viking has over 30 year’s experience in the repair of marine equipment.

    Through third party suppliers, Viking has provided Overhaul, Maintenance and Repair on a variety of Naval Equipment.

    This includes Diesel Engine’s, Cylinder Blocks,Crankshaft’s, Hydraulic Motors, Pumps, Electronic components, etc.

  • Supply Support

    Support and Supply

    Viking has over 30 year’s experience in providing supply support.

    Spare Parts, Repair Parts and Consumable Parts are required to support scheduled and unscheduled maintenance to maintain Operational readiness.

    Through planning we have the capability to develop supply support for client requirements to maintain their operational needs.

    We utilize internal and external databases of proved suppliers supporting unique parts and equipment.

Proudly Servicing Our Military

Viking Inc. has over 30 years experience providing equipment repair, spare parts, logistic and engineering support to the Department of Defense, US Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Army.

Over the years Viking has provided support for material and equipment to US and Foreign Naval assets operating through-out the world, including Middle East, Europe, Far East, Asia, Central and South America.